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Media Mentions

Why Did Obama Free This Terrorist?
Politico | Zach Dorfman | 01/24/2017
Oscar Lopez was one of the most violent extremists of his time, writes Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman. He argues that the fact that Obama commuted his sentence doesn't speak well of U.S. politics.

El mundo está en vilo ante las políticas del nuevo mandatario
El Tiempo (Colombia) | David C. Speedie | 01/20/2017
In this Spanish-language article, U.S. Global Engagement Director David Speedie shares some thoughts on Trump and international diplomacy.

China's New Silk Road Is Getting Muddy
Foreign Policy | Devin T. Stewart | 01/09/2017
The "One Road, One Belt" initiative looks good on paper, but could become a costly mess on the ground, writes Senior Fellow Devin Stewart.

How Henry Kissinger Conspired Against a Sitting President
Politico | Zach Dorfman | 01/06/2017
Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman tells a story about Henry Kissinger from the Carter administration and writes that the former secretary of state could once again wield his "considerable foreign policy credibility."

Japan and education: a victim of its own success?
Times Higher Education of London | Devin T. Stewart | 12/18/2016
Recent university rankings results provide some much-needed discomfort in Japan, says Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart.

Castro's Legacy in Puerto Rico
Foreign Affairs | Zach Dorfman | 12/14/2016
There were few causes closer to Fidel Castro's heart, writes Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman, than the status of Puerto Rico. In the wake of Castro's death, his relationship with this U.S. territory deserves greater scrutiny.

The Global Populist Surge Is More than Just a Western Story—Just Look at Asia
The Diplomat | Devin T. Stewart | 12/10/2016
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart writes that populism may be surging in the West, but it's a phenomenon across the Asia-Pacific as well.

Explaining the Nobel Peace Prize
PassBlue | Joanne J. Myers | 11/26/2016
Joanne Myers, director of Public Affairs programs for Carnegie Council, writes about the history of the Nobel Peace Prize. She also recommends several books about Alfred Nobel, the Swedish industrialist who established the prizes.

"Performance of Gender in Kabuki" Event at ICU
Japan ICU Foundation | Devin T. Stewart | 11/22/2016
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart and the Pacific Delegates joined International Christian University faculty and students to learn about complex issues surrounding gender and class in the tradition of Kabuki performance.

Japan Gets Schooled
Foreign Affairs | Devin T. Stewart | 10/31/2016
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart writes, "Japan's educational system is failing to keep pace with changes taking place in Japan and in the rest of the world."

Donald Trump Is Wrong on Mosul Attack, Military Experts Say
The New York Times | Jeffrey D. McCausland | 10/20/2016
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Col. Jeff McCausland (Ret.) and other military experts sharply criticize Donald Trump's response to the American-backed Iraqi military offensive to recapture Mosul from ISIS.

Politics Trumps Gender in the Selection of a U.N. Leader
The New York Times | Ourania S. Yancopoulos | 10/15/2016
This article, bemoaning the fact that the UN still has not elected a female secretary-general, links to a presentation by Carnegie New Leader Ourania Sophia Yancopoulos, which comprehensively details the gender gap at the UN.

Traits of an Outstanding Leader: A Primer for the Next UN Secretary-General
PassBlue | Joanne J. Myers | 10/01/2016
Writing before the election of the new UN secretary-general, Joanne Myers, director of Public Affairs programs for Carnegie Council, presents a list of books focused on leadership in international relations.

Will This Be a Four-Party Election?
The New York Times | Ted Widmer | 09/17/2016
Senior Fellow Ted Widmer writes about the current U.S. presidential election and whether third party candidates Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party will have an impact.

Refugistan: how a virtual state might alleviate the refugee crisis
The Canberra Times | Christian Barry | 09/09/2016
Christian Barry, editorial board member of “Ethics & International Affairs”, and others propose making refugees dual citizens of a virtual state where citizenship would be determined by the inability of its members to return to their countries of origin for fear of persecution.

Emperor Akihito's Wish To Abdicate Throne Will Mean Revisiting Japan's Constitution
Nikkei Voice | Devin T. Stewart | 09/07/2016
Senior Fellow Devin Stewart and others discuss Emperor Akihito's wish to abdicate his position and how this news relates to work-life balance in the country.

Don’t Conflate Greater Complexity With Greater Danger
The New York Times | Devin T. Stewart | 09/06/2016
Does a peace process to end the civil war in Colombia signal a trend toward less violence within and among other countries? "The New York Times" references Senior Fellow Devin Stewart's recent interview with Rachel Kleinfeld.

Johnson's Russia List JRL 2016-#161: Thursday 1 September 2016
Johnson's Russia List | David C. Speedie | 09/01/2016
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow David Speedie's podcast with University of Rhode Island's Nicolai Petro was featured in "Johnson's Russia List." In the podcast, Speedie and Petro discuss the situation in Ukraine--political, economic, and the growing civil conflict between East and West--two years into the Poroshenko presidency.

The Samurai in a Skirt
Novoye Vremya | Devin T. Stewart | 08/12/2016
Senior Fellow Devin Stewart and others discuss Tokyo's first female governor. "Japanese politics may be becoming more dynamic," says Stewart.

Only a cruel despot would stop Japan's emperor retiring
The Guardian | Devin T. Stewart | 08/11/2016
As Japan's Emperor Akihito contemplates retirement, Senior Fellow Devin Stewart says this idea and the surrounding discussion could be reflective of "much broader social changes."

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