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Media Mentions and Press Releases

Free for a Limited Time: Special Collection of "Editors' Picks" from 30th Anniversary Vol. of "Ethics & International Affairs"
Carnegie Council's quarterly journal "Ethics & International Affairs" is pleased to present a special collection of "Editors' Picks" from its 30th Anniversary Volume, which included essays and articles that help close the gap between theory and practice on a diverse array of topics, including drones, immigration, gender, and climate change.
Press Releases

Call for Applications for Indonesia Fact-Finding Trip, October 2017
The Asia Dialogues program will lead a one-week fact-finding trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the week of October 16, 2017, to explore issues relating to religion in politics and society. We are accepting applications from students and professionals under 40 from the U.S. and East Asia. Thanks to the Henry Luce Foundation, airfare and hotel expenses are covered.

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Carnegie Council and the New Administration
Other organizations will no doubt focus on analyses of leadership style, rhetoric, and political conflict. At Carnegie Council, we will focus on the ethical principles at stake in the actual policies of the new administration--specifically its foreign policy. We are following three policy areas closely: alliances, climate, and free speech.
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Carnegie Council Announces Launch of Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2)
Led by Executive Director Janos Pasztor, former UN assistant secretary-general for climate change, this initiative comes at a very timely moment and addresses a critical gap in the world's response to climate change.
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Winners of the 2016 International Student Photo Contest on Urbanization
Carnegie Council congratulates the winners of its annual International Student Photo Contest. The topic was cities/urbanization. What are the pros and cons and who are the winners and losers? See all the winning photos here.
Press Releases

Why Did Obama Free This Terrorist?
Politico | Zach Dorfman | 01/24/2017
Oscar Lopez was one of the most violent extremists of his time, writes Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman. He argues that the fact that Obama commuted his sentence doesn't speak well of U.S. politics.
Media Mentions

El mundo está en vilo ante las políticas del nuevo mandatario
El Tiempo (Colombia) | David C. Speedie | 01/20/2017
In this Spanish-language article, U.S. Global Engagement Director David Speedie shares some thoughts on Trump and international diplomacy.
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Call for Abstracts by March 30: Carnegie Council Student Research Conference
Carnegie Council's annual student conference will be held on Wednesday, May 3 at Carnegie Council headquarters in New York City. Abstracts are due by March 30. Topics can range from human rights, media, international law, justice, accountability, sustainability, to transparency.
Press Releases

China's New Silk Road Is Getting Muddy
Foreign Policy | Devin T. Stewart | 01/09/2017
The "One Road, One Belt" initiative looks good on paper, but could become a costly mess on the ground, writes Senior Fellow Devin Stewart.
Media Mentions

How Henry Kissinger Conspired Against a Sitting President
Politico | Zach Dorfman | 01/06/2017
Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman tells a story about Henry Kissinger from the Carter administration and writes that the former secretary of state could once again wield his "considerable foreign policy credibility."
Media Mentions

Japan and education: a victim of its own success?
Times Higher Education of London | Devin T. Stewart | 12/18/2016
Recent university rankings results provide some much-needed discomfort in Japan, says Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart.
Media Mentions

"Ethics & International Affairs" Winter 2016 Issue
This issue includes an essay on the UN Refugee Agency's #IBelong Campaign to eradicate statelessness; a feature on the expressivist potential of international criminal courts; a book symposium on Allen Buchanan's "The Heart of Human Rights" and a response from Buchanan; a review essay on the lessons of effective altruism; and reviews.
Press Releases

Castro's Legacy in Puerto Rico
Foreign Affairs | Zach Dorfman | 12/14/2016
There were few causes closer to Fidel Castro's heart, writes Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman, than the status of Puerto Rico. In the wake of Castro's death, his relationship with this U.S. territory deserves greater scrutiny.
Media Mentions

The Global Populist Surge Is More than Just a Western Story—Just Look at Asia
The Diplomat | Devin T. Stewart | 12/10/2016
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart writes that populism may be surging in the West, but it's a phenomenon across the Asia-Pacific as well.
Media Mentions

Explaining the Nobel Peace Prize
PassBlue | Joanne J. Myers | 11/26/2016
Joanne Myers, director of Public Affairs programs for Carnegie Council, writes about the history of the Nobel Peace Prize. She also recommends several books about Alfred Nobel, the Swedish industrialist who established the prizes.
Media Mentions

"Performance of Gender in Kabuki" Event at ICU
Japan ICU Foundation | Devin T. Stewart | 11/22/2016
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart and the Pacific Delegates joined International Christian University faculty and students to learn about complex issues surrounding gender and class in the tradition of Kabuki performance.
Media Mentions

Celebrating One Year of "The World Through My Eyes," a Monthly Instagram Take-over Series by Photographers from Around the World
This November 2016, Carnegie Council celebrates the 12th Instagram Take-Over in a series titled, "The World through My Eyes," where talented photographers from around the world are assigned to "take over" the Council's Instagram account for a week out of every month.
Press Releases

Thanks for Celebrating Global Ethics Day!
On October 19, Carnegie Council celebrated the third annual Global Ethics Day with over 50 institutions from 15 countries. From Germany to Brazil to Australia to Oman, universities, non-profit institutions, and civil society groups participated with teach-ins, art projects, and film screenings, covering a wide range of ethical issues.
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Calling Students & Teachers:
Essay & Photo Contests

Carnegie Council is pleased to announce its two annual international contests: an essay contest for teachers and students on nationalism, and a photo contest for students on cities/urbanization. Whether you choose to express yourself in words or in photos, we're looking for thoughtfulness, originality, and vision.
Press Releases

Instagram Take-Over #12: Eastern Ukraine Series by Jack Losh
For its 12th Instagram take-over by photographers from around the world, Carnegie Council presents photos of Eastern Ukraine by British freelance journalist Jack Losh, from the front line to everyday life.
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