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Media Mentions and Press Releases

Former UN climate advisor leads initiative to regulate geo-engineering
CICERO | Janos Pasztor | 03/23/2017
Geo-engineering can be a cheap way of instantly lowering the Earth's temperature--with potentially devastating side effects. The technology is here but international regulation is lacking. C2G2 Executive Director Janos Pasztor will work to change this.
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Wallace places third in international essay contest
Wilton Bulletin | | 03/17/2017
Wilton High School junior Michael Wallace placed third in the high school category of Carnegie Council's 2016 International Student/Teacher Essay Contest.
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Just Out: "Ethics & International Affairs" Spring 2017 Issue
The topics in this issue include human rights, statelessness, refugee camps, immigration ethics, and a section on the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP) and the refugee protection regime.
Press Releases

Raising the Climate Change Battle to Geoengineer the Earth
PassBlue | Barbara Crossette | 03/09/2017
Carnegie Council Trustee Barbara Crossette writes about the Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative and its launch event in February.
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Toward governance frameworks for climate geoengineering
Global Challenges Foundation | Janos Pasztor | 03/01/2017
Climate geoengineering techniques could give humanity much needed breathing space to face the dangers of climate change, but their implementation raises many questions, and will require the development of new global governance mechanism, writes C2G2 Executive Director Janos Pasztor.
Media Mentions

Winners of the 2016 International Student/Teacher Essay Contest on Nationalism
Carnegie Council is delighted to announce the winners of its 2016 International Student/Teacher Essay Contest. Essay topic: Is nationalism an asset or hindrance in today's globalized world? The winners came from Canada, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
Press Releases

Carnegie Council Presents New "Trump in Asia" Podcast Series
Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Devin Stewart has launched a series of podcast interviews on how the Trump Administration might approach Asia--a region that may become a site of conflict. Here are the first 10 podcasts, with full transcripts.
Press Releases

Free for a Limited Time: Special Collection of "Editors' Picks" from 30th Anniversary Vol. of "Ethics & International Affairs"
Carnegie Council's quarterly journal "Ethics & International Affairs" is pleased to present a special collection of "Editors' Picks" from its 30th Anniversary Volume, which included essays and articles that help close the gap between theory and practice on a diverse array of topics, including drones, immigration, gender, and climate change.
Press Releases

Call for Applications for Indonesia Fact-Finding Trip, October 2017
The Asia Dialogues program will lead a one-week fact-finding trip to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the week of October 16, 2017, to explore issues relating to religion in politics and society. We are accepting applications from students and professionals under 40 from the U.S. and East Asia. Thanks to the Henry Luce Foundation, airfare and hotel expenses are covered.
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Carnegie Council and the New Administration
Other organizations will no doubt focus on analyses of leadership style, rhetoric, and political conflict. At Carnegie Council, we will focus on the ethical principles at stake in the actual policies of the new administration--specifically its foreign policy. We are following three policy areas closely: alliances, climate, and free speech.
Press Releases

Women at a Cultural Crossroads in Japan
The Baines Report | Mary Vo | 01/31/2017
"As Japan suffers economic lag, it faces a second challenge in boosting its birth rate in response to its graying population," writes Pacific Delegate Mary Vo. "Womenomics attempts to address both of these challenges, but Japan seems to be asking its women to shoulder contradictory burdens."
Media Mentions

Carnegie Council Announces Launch of Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2)
Led by Executive Director Janos Pasztor, former UN assistant secretary-general for climate change, this initiative comes at a very timely moment and addresses a critical gap in the world's response to climate change.
Press Releases

Tense Days in Hebron: "The Possibility of Escalation Is Always There"
The Atlantic | Zach Dorfman | 01/28/2017
Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman describes a visit to Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank, where Israeli-Palestinian tensions are always high..
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George Mitchell wrote "A Path to Peace" about Israel and Palestine. Is there one?
Los Angeles Times | Zach Dorfman | 01/27/2017
Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman reviews George Mitchell's new book about the history of and possible solutions for the Israel/Palestine conflict.
Media Mentions

Winners of the 2016 International Student Photo Contest on Urbanization
Carnegie Council congratulates the winners of its annual International Student Photo Contest. The topic was cities/urbanization. What are the pros and cons? Who gains and who loses? The winning photos are by students from the United States, Canada, and Romania.
Press Releases

Verhofstadt zoekt zieltjes in de VS
De Tijd (Belgium) | Guy Verhofstadt | 01/26/2017
A popular Belgian newspaper discusses Guy Verhofstadt's visit to the United States, highlighting his Carnegie Council talk. The article focuses on his statements regarding dangers to the U.S.-EU relations under Trump.
Media Mentions

What’s Ailing Womenomics?
The Diplomat | V. Ayano Ogawa | 01/26/2017
Despite government efforts, cultural pressures continue to dissuade many women in Japan from joining the workforce, writes Pacific Delegate V. Ayano Ogawa.
Media Mentions

Why Did Obama Free This Terrorist?
Politico | Zach Dorfman | 01/24/2017
Oscar Lopez was one of the most violent extremists of his time, writes Senior Fellow Zach Dorfman. He argues that the fact that Obama commuted his sentence doesn't speak well of U.S. politics.
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El mundo está en vilo ante las políticas del nuevo mandatario
El Tiempo (Colombia) | David C. Speedie | 01/20/2017
In this Spanish-language article, U.S. Global Engagement Director David Speedie shares some thoughts on Trump and international diplomacy.
Media Mentions

Call for Abstracts by March 30: Carnegie Council Student Research Conference
Carnegie Council's annual student conference will be held on Wednesday, May 3 at Carnegie Council headquarters in New York City. Abstracts are due by March 30. Topics can range from human rights, media, international law, justice, accountability, sustainability, to transparency.
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