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A collection of course syllabi from Global Ethics Fellows and teachers and professors around the world.

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Course Syllabi

Democracy, Globalization, and Human Rights | 03/27/2014 Deen Chatterjee This seminar examines the theories of rights that provide for a cosmopolitan framework but have room for local variations consistent with alternative versions of democratic decision-making.

Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict | 03/05/2014 David Ritchie This course examines legal and moral doctrines related to international armed conflict, including the right of states to resort to force and the rules governing the conduct of hostilities.

Global Civics | 03/03/2014 Hakan Altinay This online course features video lectures by international thought leaders discussing global issues such as public health, inequality, trade, and the responsibility to protect. Students may take the course for credit or audit it. Both options are free.

Global Ethics | 02/24/2014 Evan Berry This course explores the complexities of international relations along two fronts: the emergence of global ethical questions, and the globalization of ethics itself.

Global Governance | 03/05/2014 Katsuhiko Mori The aim of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of theoretical and practical challenges involved in the complex subject of global governance.

God, Faith, and Reason | 03/27/2014 Deen Chatterjee This course examines the meaning and limitations of some of the central concepts and beliefs in the philosophical and public discourse on the question of God's existence.

International Human Rights | 04/21/2014 Deen Chatterjee This course examines the nature, practice, and limits of human rights in today's global world.

Justice and International Affairs | 03/27/2014 Deen Chatterjee This is a course in political philosophy, broadly construed, with a focus on the issues of justice in international affairs.

Modern Moral Problems: Climate Change | 02/24/2014 Evan Berry This course is designed to introduce students to an ethical issue of contemporary significance and along the way develop a deeper understanding of applied ethics as a field.

Of All Possible Future Worlds: Global Trends, Values, and Ethics | 03/31/2014 Thong Nguyen This course examines world trends and the degree to which values and ethical choices can shape humanity in the future.

Political Philosophy | 03/27/2014 Deen Chatterjee The course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of political philosophy such as liberty, equality, democracy, and justice and to examine their international implications through a focused study of the political consequences of global interdependence.

Religion, Modernity, and Democracy: Understanding Islam in Politics | 03/05/2014 Jocelyne Cesari This course investigates the relationship between modernization, politics, and Islam in Muslim-majority countries from the end of World War II to the Arab Spring.

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