Global Ethics Weekly: Women's Employment & Working in a War Zone, with Mariel Davis

November 29, 2018

Education for Employment's Mariel Davis discusses some of the many issues surrounding women's employment in the Middle East and North Africa, focusing on the story of a young Palestinian working in the hospitality industry. Plus, she details the struggles of working—and trying to work—in war-torn Yemen.

This podcast is part two of last month's Global Ethics Weekly with Davis. She also recently wrote an article for Carnegie Council, touching on some of these issues, "Unlocking the Potential of Young Working Women in the Middle East and North Africa."

For more on Education for Employment, check out their website; this 2015 event Carnegie Council hosted with Education for Employment's Ronald Bruder, founder and chair, and Jasmine Nahhas di Florio, vice president of strategy and partnerships; and this 2015 Carnegie New Leaders Podcast with Davis.

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