Global Ethics Weekly: Truth & Identity Politics, with Alexander Görlach

August 23, 2018

Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Alexander Görlach and host Alex Woodson speak about identity politics in the United States and Europe from their different perspectives. They also explore how the recent Mexican election fits in to these narratives.

Görlach is an affiliate professor at Harvard, in the "In Defense of Democracy" program by the F. D. Roosevelt Foundation at Adams House. He is also an op-ed contributor to The New York Times and the founder of the debate magazine The European.

This podcast also featured an excerpt on the importance of truth and facts from Görlach's February 2017 Carnegie Council interview with journalist Stephanie Sy. 

In addition, this podcast also references Görlach's January 2018 Zenith magazine article titled “Religion Creeps into Politics” and a July 2018 podcast that he recorded with Matt K. Lewis, Daily Beast columnist and CNN commentator, titled "How to Save Liberal Democracy." 

The second part of this podcast references the Latin America and the West series. This is a group of interviews that Görlach conducted for Carnegie Council with Latin American politicians, writers, academics, and public intellectuals exploring the concept of that region as part of the West. This was published in June 2018. 

In regards to the recent election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the podcast also touches on a 2012 Carnegie Council talk with Mexican historian Enrique Krauze and a June 2018 New Yorker article by Jon Lee Anderson, titled "A New Revolution in Mexico."

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