Global Ethics Weekly: Migration in the Age of "Zero Tolerance"

July 19, 2018

Today's discussions about immigrants and refugees are focused on the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy on the U.S.-Mexico border and the "migration crisis" in the Mediterranean. Carnegie Council Senior Fellow Kavitha Rajagopalan explores the history of these debates, what it means to be undocumented in Europe versus the United States, and why many still view immigration through the prisms of terrorism and crime.

This podcast referenced this November 2017 Public Affairs talk with David Miliband, president of the International Rescue Committee and former UK foreign secretary. For more resources on immigrants, migrants, and refugees from Carnegie Council, check out our 2016 resource pick.

Rajagopalan is the author of Muslims of Metropolis: The Stories of Three Immigrant Families in the West. She discussed this book in a 2009 Carnegie Council talk. Follow her on Twitter at @kxraja.

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