Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 25.3 (Fall 2011)

September 20, 2011

Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 25.3

This issue features a special roundtable on Libya and humanitarian intervention with contributions from Alex Bellamy, Simon Chesterman, James Pattison, Thomas Weiss, and Jennifer Welsh; feature articles by Ian Hurd on the ambiguous legality of humanitarian intervention, Joy Gordon on smart sanctions, and Daniel Brunstetter and Megan Braun on drones and just war; a response to Richard Miller's "The Ethics of America's Afghan War" by David Rodin; a review essay by Christian Barry and Nicholas Southwood on the nature of human rights; and book reviews.

Ethics & International Affairs Volume 25.3 (Fall 2011)

Roundtable: Libya, RtoP, and Humanitarian Intervention



Review Essay

Book Reviews [Full Text]