Articles Resulting from Carnegie Council Religion and Tolerance Research Delegation to Indonesia, October 2017

February 9, 2018

During the Asia Dialogues site visit, Pacific Delegates discuss findings with Pacific Fellow Dicky Sofjan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, October 18, 2017. CREDIT: Devin Stewart

In October 2017, Carnegie Council's Asia Dialogues program led a group of 12 Pacific Delegates from seven countries and a diverse set of professional backgrounds to Indonesia. Amid growing Islamophobia and populism in Europe and the United States, a more complete picture of Islam is crucial, and as the world's largest Muslim nation, Indonesia has the potential to shape the way the world's fastest growing and most contentious religion is perceived worldwide.

Here follow articles written by delegation members as a result of the site visit:

Indonesia and Terrorism: Success, Failure, and an Uncertain Future
Philip Caruso, Middle East Institute, February 6, 2018
Over the last decade, many in the international community have asked how, as a country with the largest population of Muslims—255 million in 2016—Indonesia has successfully dealt with terrorism relative to other countries in the Muslim world. However, analysis of counterterrorism in Indonesia since Reformasi in 1998 suggests it may be premature to draw conclusions about success and failure.

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