Advocates for Ethics in Business (GPI Interview Series)

Carnegie Council's Advocates for Ethics in Business is a unique series of interviews that includes conversations with business, civil society, and academic leaders. Through their discussions, these leaders share innovative ideas, examine the role of business in society, and address the ethical considerations connected to conducting business globally.

The goal is to explore the ethical principles of business's responsibility to society, and to provide examples of best practices that help address stubborn ethical problems that organizations face. The world's best companies have enjoyed success partly because their competitive management systems deal with these problems globally, while their less successful competitors have been dealing with them on an ad hoc basis. Meanwhile, internal change agents have expressed the need for outside pressure for corporate reform.

Among other topics, the conversations touch on environmental sustainability, supply chain analysis, labor standards, and corporate giving as part of business identity creation. They also address the potential impacts on revenue that can accompany ethical business practices.

This interview series will be used for podcast and educational materials. It will also be made available to public radio stations.

By presenting these resources to companies, business schools, and interested listeners, Carnegie Council aims to strengthen the ethical component of management systems, having a potentially positive impact on corporate reform. These conversations will be made available free of charge to tens of thousands of podcast subscribers and students, and will attract an engaged and motivated audience of leaders of business, consulting, finance, governments, media, and NGOs.