Xin Chunying

Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing


Xin Chunying is director of the Institute of Law at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. A leading leagal scholar, she is active in legal reform in China.

She has written widely on subjects from judicial reform to the role of law in economic development. Among her publications is The Chinese Legal System and Current Legal Reform. Xin was a senior visiting scholar at Yale Law School (1999), and the Law School's China Law Center works closely with her Institute on a variety of legal reform issues.

Featured Work

DEC 4, 1995 Article

Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005): Series 1, Number 3 (Winter 1995): International Human Rights and Asian Commitment: Articles: A Brief History of the Modern Human Rights Discourse in China

Given the logic of communist ideology—that the working people are the masters in society—human rights did not make much sense. After all, the ...