Uché U. Ewelukwa

Carnegie Council Fellow, 2003-2004; University of Arkansas School of Law


Uché U. Ewelukwa teaches at the University of Arkansas School of Law and is currently a 2003–04 Carnegie Council fellow. She has received many awards for her work, including, in 1993, an Irving R. Kaufman Public Service Fellowship to establish a new human rights organization in Nigeria. More recently, she was granted a fellowship from the Albert Einstein Institution for a study of nonviolent sanctions in Nigeria, focusing on the 1994 oil workers’ strike.

Featured Work

AUG 2, 2005 Article

African States, Aggressive Multilateralism And The WTO Dispute Settlement System

What accounts for the underutilization of the WTO dispute settlement process by states in Africa? What structural factors currently inhibit the ability of states in ...

NOV 5, 2003 Article

Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005): Series 2 No. 10 (Fall 2003): Violence Against Women: Articles: Small Victories, but the War Rages On

Uché U. Ewelukwa responds to Ayesha Imam's article, "Working with Sharia Courts."