Tomas Sedlacek



Tomas Sedlacek is chief macroeconomic strategist at CSOB, one of the largest Czech banks, and previously served on the National Economic Council in Prague, and as economic advisor to President Vaclav Havel. He is a regular columnist and popular radio and TV commentator in the Czech Republic.

Sedlacek also served for more than two years as an advisor to the first deputy prime minister and minister of finance of the Czech Republic, with special responsibility over fiscal consolidation, the reform of the tax system, pensions system, and healthcare system. He was a member of the first and second Czech Eurobond Emission team.

In 2009, Sedlacek published Economy of Good and Evil: from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the Financial Crisis, which became a bestseller in the Czech Republic.

Featured Work

OCT 13, 2011 Podcast

Economics of Good and Evil: The Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street

Why pretend that economics is value free? It's a product of our civilization and riddled with moral judgements, says Sedlacek. By separating economics from ethics ...