Theodore J. Koontz

Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary

Theodore J. Koontz is professor of ethics and peace studies and director of peace and justice studies at the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana. He has published numerous articles on Christian political thought and conscientious objection.

Last Updated: September 8, 2017

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"Mennonite Education Administration: An Outside View," in Mennonite Education in a Post-Christian World (1998)
"Noncombatant Immunity in Michael Walzer's Just and Unjust Wars," in Ethics and International Affairs, Vol. 11 (1997)
Godward: Personal Stories of Grace, Editor and contributor (1996)
"Christian Nonviolence: An Interpretation," in The Ethics of War and Peace (1996)
"Grace to You and Peace: Nonresistance as Piety," in Mennonite Quarterly Review (July 1995) and Refocusing a Vision (1995)