Thealisha (Tisha) Muse

Enterprise and Knowledge Architect, Carnegie Council

Thealisha (Tisha) Muse serves as an embedded consultant and enterprise and knowledge architect at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, overseeing the Council's IT operations and leading its digital transformation and development initiatives.

With a distinguished career, Muse seamlessly blends expertise in nonprofit development, program management, operations, accounting, and IT. Her journey began in grants accounting, evolving into strategic roles in systems development and grants management. Driven by a genuine passion for data and technology, she discovered her calling in architecting business and technological processes that amplify nonprofit operational efficiency and drive revenue growth. Muse excels in quietly innovating, strategically planning, and leveraging technology to make a meaningful impact in the nonprofit landscape.

Prior to her role at the Council, Muse contributed her expertise to various nonprofit organizations, including The Nature Conservancy, Howard University, and Health Care Without Harm, as well as smaller community-based organizations.