Tamara C. Belinfanti

New York Law School

Tamara C. Belinfanti is an associate professor of law at New York Law School where she teaches courses in the areas of business law, corporate legal practice, and corporate governance. Belinfanti is an expert in the area of corporate law and board governance. Her current research and scholarship focuses on how insights from behavioral science can lead to better legal rules and corporate decision making in the executive compensation field. More generally, her scholarship explores how legal rules affect the behavior, culture and/or identity of individuals and the organizations and communities within which they exist, and relatedly how law should account for behavioral and cultural characteristics of individuals, organizations and/or the communities that it seeks to regulate.

Belinfanti's article on the need for enhanced governance in the proxy advisory industry was published in the Stanford Journal of Law Business & Finance and has been cited multiple times by industry experts, other academics, policy think-tanks, and the media.

Belinfanti is a member of the board of trustees of the Brooklyn Museum and of Chelsea Day School in Manhattan. She is also a director of the Human Rights Partnership Program, a transnational partnership established to explore ways for businesses to invest in human rights in a more meaningful and sustainable way.

Featured Work

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