Sylvana Rochet

Executive Coach and Consultant

Sylvana Rochet

Sylvana Rochet is an executive coach and consultant.

A native of France and Colombia, Rochet was previously an associate director of client relations at Eurasia Group and associate director of programs for the Flying Eye Hospital (FEH) at ORBIS International in New York. In this role, she was responsible for strategic oversight of programs across Africa, Asia, and Latin America for the Flying Eye Hospital.

Rochet has also managed programs and led campaigns in North Africa, Latin America, and Sweden for the American Cancer Society's global health division, and led negotiation and sustainability management workshops for organizations such as the European Commission and the WWF in West Africa.

She holds a BA in international relations from Florida International University, and an MA from New York University Paris in French civilization with a focus on foreign affairs.

Last Updated: September 2, 2017