Stuart J. Russell

University of California, Berkeley


Suart J. Russell is professor of computer science and Smith-Zadeh Professor in Engineering at University of California, Berkeley. He the co-author of the textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, which was first published in 1995.

Featured Work

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FEB 24, 2020 Podcast

The Future of Artificial Intelligence, with Stuart J. Russell

UC Berkley's Professor Stuart J. Russell discusses the near- and far-future of artificial intelligence, including self-driving cars, killer robots, governance, and why he's worried that ...

L to R: David Roscoe, Bart Selman, Francesca Rossi, Stuart Russell, Wendell Wallach. CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni

DEC 7, 2018 Podcast

Control and Responsible Innovation of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence's potential for doing good and creating benefits is almost boundless, but equally there is a potential for doing great harm. This panel discusses ...