Stephen J. Blank

Strategic Studies Institute

Stephen J. Blank has served as the Strategic Studies Institute's expert on the Soviet bloc and the post-Soviet world since 1989.

Prior to that he was associate professor of Soviet Studies at the Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education, Maxwell Air Force Base, and taught at the University of Texas, San Antonio, and at the University of California, Riverside.

Blank is the editor of Imperial Decline: Russia's Changing Position in Asia, coeditor of Soviet Military and the Future, and author of The Sorcerer as Apprentice: Stalin's Commissariat of Nationalities, 1917-1924. He has also written many articles and conference papers on Russian, Commonwealth of Independent States, and Eastern European security issues.

Blank's current research deals with proliferation and the revolution in military affairs, and energy and security in Eurasia. His two most recent books are Russo-Chinese Energy Relations: Politics in Command (London: Global Markets Briefing, 2006) and Natural Allies?: Regional Security in Asia and Prospects for Indo-American Strategic Cooperation (Carlisle Barracks, PA: Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, 2005).

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