Stephen Emmott

Microsoft Research, UK

Stephen Emmott is head of computational science at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK.

A native of the UK, Emmott previously worked at AT&T Bell Labarotories in the United States. He also established and led NCR Corproration's Advanced Research Lab, where he served as chief scientist. Emmott joined Microsoft Research in 2003.

Emmott is also visiting professor of biological computation at University College London, visiting professor of computational science at the University of Oxford, and a distinguished fellow of the National Endowment for Science, Technology & the Arts in the UK.

Emmott is the author of Ten Billion.

Featured Work

Ten Billion

SEP 15, 2013 Podcast

Ten Billion

Stephen Emmott's short, bold manifesto asks the world to wake up and recognize that not only are the problems we face increasingly interconnected--including energy, climate, ...