Sartaz Ahmed

Booz & Company


Sartaz Ahmed is a principal with Booz & Company and works with clients in the energy and infrastructure sectors on critical issues related to energy, carbon, and sustainability. Her projects focus on the fundamentals of hydrocarbon supply-and-demand, the development of alternative fuels and technology, and ways of reducing energy consumption.

Ahmed's recent engagements have included understanding the impact of electric vehicles on the demand for transportation fuels and understanding electricity generation investment decisions in light of impeding carbon charges.

Prior to joining Booz & Company, she gained experience in the energy sector in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America while working for Deloitte Consulting, Global Business Network, Texaco, and Kuwait Oil Company.

Ahmed has contributed to several Booz & Company articles and studies, most recently: "Beyond Green Hype: Getting Realistic About Energy Efficiency."

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