Roy Morrison

Office for Sustainability, Southern New Hampshire University

Roy Morrison is director of the Office for Sustainability at Southern New Hampshire University. He is working on the development of renewable energy hedges and on a new utility revenue model to encourage efficiency and distributed generation.

Morrison is an energy consultant with almost 30 years of diverse experience, which includes performing energy audits and technical assistance analysis for business, institutional, and government clients. Morrison authored the first law in the nation for municipal aggregation for retail electric competition and also founded the New Hampshire Consumers Utility Cooperative that was the first seller of competitive electricity in New Hampshire.

His books on ecological transformation and economic development include We Build the Road as We Travel: Mondragon, A Cooperative Social System (1991), Ecological Democracy (1995), Ecological Investigations (2001), Eco Civilization 2144 (2005), and Markets, Democracy and Survival (2007).

Last Updated: September 11, 2017