Robert Rober Skideslky

Professor Emeritus, Warwick University


Lord Robert Skidelsky is a British economic historian and emeritus professor of political economy at Warwick University.

Skidelsky first became a professor at Warwick University in 1978. In addition to his current role, he has been a professor of international studies and political economy. He is also an Andrew D. White professor-at-large at Cornell University.

In addition, Skidelsky was a founding member of the Social Democrat Party in England. He later became a member of the Conservative Party and was made chief opposition spokesman in the House of Lords, first for culture, then for treasury affairs.

Skidelsky's books include a three-volume biography on John Maynard Keynes published in 1983, 1992, and 2000; Keynes: Return of the Master; and How Much is Enough?: Money and the Good Life, co-written with his son Edward. He also writes a monthly column for Project Syndicate.

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