Robert E. Goodin

Australian National University


Robert Goodin is distinguished professor of philosophy at the Research School of the Social Sciences at the Australian National University, where he has taught since 1989. Prior that to he spent a decade teaching government at the University of Essex.

Goodin is general editor of a ten-volume series of Oxford Handbooks of Political Science for Oxford University Press; he co-edited two volumes in that series himself, both published in 2006 (Public Policy, with Michael Moran and Martin Rein; Contextual Political Analysis, with Charles Tilly); and he will edit a one-volume consolidation of the series, The Oxford Handbook of Political Science, published in 2009. He is founding editor of Blackwell's Journal of Political Philosophy, with previous service as co-editor of the British Journal of Political Science and, for over a decade, as an associate editor of ethics. He is also founding editor of a series of books on 'Theories of Institutional Design' for Cambridge University Press.

Goodin's own work focuses on political theory and public policy. His books include: Political Theory & Public Policy (U Chicago Press, 1982); Protecting the Vulnerable (U Chicago Press, 1985); and Reasons for Welfare (Princeton U Press, 1988).

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