Rita J. King

Carnegie Council Senior Fellow, 2008-2009

Together with Joshua S. Fouts, Rita J. King was responsible for the ""Understanding Islam Through Virtual Worlds"" project at the Carnegie Council. She is CEO and creative director of Dancing Ink Productions. King decided to become a journalist on September 5, 1999 when she first saw Dan Eldon's book The Journey is the Destination.

Since then, her photographs, essays, and articles have appeared in diverse publications. In 2003, she was the recipient of a first place award from the New York Press Association for investigative reporting on the nuclear industry, specifically on Indian Point nuclear power plant in Westchester County, New York. In 2005 she received the same award for her coverage of nine American soldiers who returned from Iraq to sue the United States government because they believe they were knowingly exposed to depleted uranium while serving.

Featured Work

Satchmo in Cairo. CREDIT: United States Department of State (PD).

FEB 20, 2010 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Commentary: The Evolution of Revolution

Revolution is hard work, and lethal. Social media has a communicative role to play in the sophisticated design of systems that will undermine human suffering ...

JUN 18, 2009 Podcast

Iranian Press TV: Cross-Cultural Understanding through Virtual Worlds

In an interview forĀ "The Autograph," a program on Iran's PressTV hosted by Susan Modaress, Council Senior Fellows Joshua Fouts and Rita King discuss the ...

Spencer Zuzolo instructs a student.

MAY 5, 2009 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Innovations: Digital Workforce Initiative Transforms Gulf Coast Job Prospects

One means to revitalize the post-Katrina Louisiana economy is to educate a digital workforce steeped in twenty-first century skills: creative collaboration, communication, and interactive media ...

FEB 18, 2009 Podcast

Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds

After a year of exploring digital Islamic communities, Senior Fellows Joshua S. Fouts and Rita J. King present their findings, along with video of their ...

Digital Diplomacy: Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds

FEB 5, 2009 Article

Digital Diplomacy: Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds

This project examines how the Internet can lead to a greater firsthand understanding of Islam for policymakers, diplomats, and people worldwide.

JUL 31, 2008 Podcast

Cyberethics: The Emerging Codes of Online Conduct

A panel of old and new media experts explore the changing communications landscape as new media grows in different directions and becomes more and more ...