Renée Cummings

AIEI Board of Advisors; The School of Data Science, University of Virginia

Renée Cummings is a criminologist, criminal psychologist, therapeutic jurisprudence specialist, AI ethicist, and the historic first data activist in residence at The School of Data Science, University of Virginia.  Cummings is also a community scholar at Columbia University. She advocates for AI we can trust and more diverse, equitable, and inclusive AI. She is on the frontline of ethical AI, generating real time responses to many of the consequences of AI.

Cummings also specializes in AI risk management, justice-oriented AI, social justice AI, AI policy and governance, and using AI to save lives. She is committed to using AI to empower and transform communities by helping governments and organizations navigate the AI landscape and develop future AI leaders. Cummings works at the intersection of AI, criminal justice, racial justice, social justice, design justice, epidemiological, and urban criminology, and public health. She has extensive experience in trauma-informed justice interventions, homicide reduction, gun and gang violence prevention, juvenile justice, evidence based policing and law enforcement leadership. Her work extends to rehabilitation, reentry, and reducing recidivism. 

Cummings is committed to fusing AI with criminal justice for ethical real time solutions to improve law enforcement accountability and transparency; reduce violence; and enhance public safety, public health, and quality of life.  A thought-leader, motivational speaker, and mentor, Cummings is an articulate, dynamic, and passionate speaker who has mastered the art of creative storytelling and deconstructing complex topics into critical everyday conversations that inform and inspire.

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