Peter L. W. Osnos

Author & Publisher

Peter Osnos is the founder of the publishing house PublicAffairs and former publisher of the Times Books imprint at Random House where he was previously a senior editor and associate publisher. Prior to his career in book publishing, he spent eighteen years at the Washington Post, where he was a correspondent in Saigon, Moscow, and London, and served as foreign editor and national editor.

He is the author of Would You Believeā€¦The Helsinki Accords Changed the World and An Especially Good View: Watching History Happen, among other books.

Featured Work

FEB 5, 2024 Podcast

Human Rights, Security, & the Helsinki Legacy: A Discussion with Peter Osnos

This Carnegie Council special event features a roundtable conversation with author Peter Osnos on human rights, security, and the legacy of the Helsinki Accords.