Paul Rouse

Grantham Institute, Imperial College; Former Science Advisor, Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G)

Paul Rouse is flex-fund manager at the Carbon-Dioxide Removal Hub at Grantham Institute, Imperial College. He is a former science advisor at Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G2).

Rouse spent over 20 years designing and delivering interdisciplinary research programs that produce policy evidence and impact within UK research councils. During this time, he headed up the environmental, energy, and food security agenda for the Economic & Social Research Council, including thinking on geoengineering research and engagement activity with the SPICE initiative. Rouse left the science policy community to undertake a Ph.D. at the University of Southampton, on the governance of geoengineering, which he completed in 2018.

Rouse has a record of accomplishment in taking research evidence into the government policy arena, advising key actors on a wide range of issues from climate change adaptation and geoengineering, to enhancing STEM skills within schools. Internationally, he worked with the Belmont Forum and Future Earth and was an EU Framework Programme National Contact.

Most recently, Rouse has been working with the UK Research & Innovation, taking a particular interest in enhancing ethical thinking and responsible innovation approaches within engineering.

He has postgraduate and professional qualifications and a MA and Ph.D. Rouse is a visiting fellow in politics and international relations at the University of Southampton and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Featured Work

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