Oumie Sissokho

Ethics Fellow for the Future Alumna


Oumie Sissokho is a master's student in an English language program in international studies at National Chengchi University, Taiwan. She obtained her BS in political science from the University of Gambia in 2011.

Sissokho focuses primarily on human rights issues—especially the rights of of marginalized women and girls. She has taken part in various initiatives at the country level that strive to improve the living standards of women and girls through targeting harmful traditional practices, structural governmental marginalization, and everything in between. Groups with which she is involved include The Girls' Agenda, the Network on Gender-Based Violence, Aging with a Smile Initiative, and the Global Youth Coalition against AIDS. She has also worked at the UN World Food Program and at the Nova Scotia Gambia Association.

Appointed by Global Ethics Fellow William Vocke, National Chengchi University.