Orville Schell

Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations


Orville Schell is the Arthur Ross Director of the Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations. He is a former professor and dean at the University of California, Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism.

Featured Work

MAY 11, 2017 Podcast

Global Ethics Forum Preview: China's Role in the World with Orville Schell

Next time on Global Ethics Forum, Asia Society's Orville Schell discusses liberalism's decline, China-U.S. relations, and Xi Jinping's worldview. In this excerpt, Schell talks ...

Orville Schell. CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni.

MAR 21, 2017 Podcast

Orville Schell on China's Role in the World

Orville Schell has been reporting on China since 1970. In this wide-ranging and insightful conversation he looks at China and the U.S. exit from TPP; ...