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Neal Flieger is chairman of global public affairs for Edelman, a global public relations firm. With more than 15 years of public affairs experience in Washington, D.C., he has an extensive background in designing and implementing successful strategies in the corporate, political, and public policy arenas.

Prior to joining Edelman, Flieger served with the Clinton administration as deputy administrator of USDA's Food and Consumer Service, one of the government's largest agencies responsible for administering federal food and nutrition programs.

Flieger was also the director of communications of the House Select Committee on Hunger between 1989 and 1992, where he directed media and constituency group relations, planned hearings, national and international travel, and site visits to maximize media exposure on committee issues and initiatives.

Flieger has worked in various capacities in several Democratic presidential campaigns. As director of radio and television services for the Democratic National Committee, he produced television and radio commercials, and special programming. Between 1984 and 1988, he was assistant superintendent of the House Radio-TV Correspondent's Gallery on Capitol Hill, working directly with the national reporters who cover Congress and politics.

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