Miriam London Miriam London

Researcher in Soviet and Chinese Studies.


Miriam London (died 2011) was a researcher in Soviet and Chinese studies. She wrote on social conditions in the Soviet Union and China.

Featured Work

FEB 1, 2011 Article

Bread, Rice and Freedom: The Peasantry and Agriculture in the USSR and China (May/June, 1983)

This article was first published in the May/June 1983 issue of "Freedom at Issue," published by Freedom House. It includes a comparative analysis of the ...

FEB 1, 2011 Article

China: The Romance of Realpolitik (September/October 1989)

This article (written soon after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre) confronts the failure of the "China experts" in academe to penetrate the reality of ...

"When the dining hall is well-run, the production spirit will increase" via <a href="http://chineseposters.net/gallery/e15-829.php"> chineseposters.net </a> [People's Commune dining hall]

MAY 1, 1976 Article

The Other China: Hunger Part I - The Three Red Flags of Death

Up to to 43 million people died in China's famine of 1959-61, but few knew about it until decades later. Yet the information was there. From 1965...