Mikhail Solomonovich Gusman

ITAR-TASS News Agency


Mikhail Gusman is first deputy director general of ITAR-TASS, Russia's oldest and largest news agency, and creator and host of Foruma Vlasti (Formula of Power), a TV series that profiles world leaders. As second-in command at ITAR-TASS since 1999, Gusman oversees its business operations, government and public relations, and its international presence. In 2003, he was awarded the Russian State Prize for Foruma Vlasti. Gusman is a board member at the All-Russian Mediasoyuz (Media Union) and of the Moscow Union of Journalists. He also serves as executive secretary of the World Association of the Russian Press (WARP), as secretary-general of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies (OANA), and as vice president of the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA).

He represents Russia at UNESCO's Intergovernmental Program for the Development of Communication (IPDC).

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