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Michele Wucker is an author and public speaker and the founder of Gray Rhino & Company. Previously she was president of the World Policy Institute.

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AUG 3, 2017 Podcast

Michele Wucker on when the Gray Rhino Hits Asia

Michele Wucker describes a gray rhino as the "love child of the black swan and the elephant in the room." In other words, "it's a ...

JUN 22, 2016 Podcast

Move Over, Black Swan: Here Comes the Gray Rhino

Black swans are unforeseeable, but gray rhinos are the looming threats right in front of our noses that we choose to ignore, says policy analyst ...

JAN 26, 2010 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Commentary: Linking Ethics and Self-Interest in Human Mobility

The ethical and self-interested choice in migration policy is to seek liberalized and rationalized migration that combines positive incentives with clear and fair entry criteria ...

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JAN 22, 2010 Article

Policy Innovations Digital Magazine (2006-2016): Briefings: The Right to Move

A collection of essays from our joint Sophia University-Carnegie Council conference exploring the ethics of an international right to migration.

JAN 20, 2010 Podcast

Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2010

What's next? Using Eurasia Group's Top Risks as a starting point for identifying the major global challenges in 2010, the panelists identify what they see on ...

AUG 11, 2009 Podcast

Interview with Michele Wucker

"People should be able to pursue whatever helps them to fulfill their greatest potential, and that's what migration is about," says World Policy Institute's Michele ...

JAN 26, 2009 Podcast

Top Risks and Ethical Decisions 2009

What dangers are lurking for 2009? Taking Eurasia Group's list of Top Risks as a starting point, this lively discussion examines the ethical aspects of these ...

FEB 12, 2008 Podcast

Reverse Brain Drain for the Middle East

One strategy to improve the economies of the Middle East would be to reverse the brain drain, a development that contributed to the high tech ...