Michael Selgelid

Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Australian National University

Michael Selgelid is a senior research fellow at CAPPE (Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics) at the Australian National University, where he is also head of the WHO Collaborating Center for Bioethics and deputy director of the National Centre for Biosecurity.

He was previously the Sesquicentenary Lecturer in Bioethics in the Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (VELIM) and the unit for history and philosophy of science at the University of Sydney, where he coordinated the proposal and development of a successful new postgraduate program in bioethics. Selgelid also held previous appointments in the department of philosophy and the bioethics division (School of Clinical Medicine) at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

His books include Ethics and Infectious Disease. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, 2006. Edited by Michael J. Selgelid, Margaret P. Battin, and Charles B. Smith.

Last Updated: August 10, 2017