Michael H. Posner

Stern School of Business, New York University


Michael H. Posner is the Jerome Kohlberg Professor of Ethics and Finance at NYU's Stern School of Business. He is the director of the Center for Business and Human Rights at the School, the first-ever human rights center at a business school. Prior to joining NYU Stern, Posner served in the Obama administration

From 1978 to 2009, he led Human Rights First, a New York-based human rights advocacy organization.

Featured Work

MAY 17, 2019 Podcast

Civic Responsibility in the Internet Age, with Michael H. Posner

Historian Ted Widmer and Michael Posner, an NYU Stern professor and former U.S. State Department official, discuss local politics, journalism, and money in elections ...

MAY 12, 2005 Podcast

Ending Torture and Secret Detention in America's Name

The abuses at Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo, and elsewhere, have undermined our standing around the world, say Posner and Hutson.