Michael Canham

Office of the Governor, Gauteng, South Africa


Michael Canham is the chief director for international relations and inter-governmental relations in the Office of the Governor of Gauteng, South Africa. In this position, he advises the governor and the regional government directly on South African policy responses to bilateral and multilateral issues affecting the regional government and South African foreign policy.

He was previously appointed as the first secretary for political affairs by the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served at the South African embassy in Washington, DC as a diplomat until 2007. During his time in the United States, Canham engaged with policymakers and international organizations to build bilateral and multilateral support for United States policies towards the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD).

Since his appointment as first secretary, Canham continued to play a key role in enhancing bilateral political and economic, social, academic, and media relations between South Africa, the United States, and third country relations and their impact on South African foreign policy. Prior to working for the governor of Gauteng, Canham was a senior policy advisor on strategy in the Office of the President of South Africa.

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