Masha S. Feiguinova

Changing Our World


Masha S. Feiguinova is a senior director for Corporate Social Engagement at Changing Our World. She has worked in the nonprofit management and private philanthropy field for more than eight years. Feiguinova has extensive experience in program development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning and grants management.

Before joining Changing Our World, Feiguinova was a program officer at the Open Society Foundation, a private foundation that supports health, education, access to information, youth and environmental protection. In that role, Feiguinova directed the funds, priorities and management of staff; developed program strategies and partnerships; performed project monitoring, performance evaluation and reporting; advised the Corporate Social Responsibility teams of apparel retailers and technology companies on environmental and human rights protection, and collaborated with them to address public concerns.

Prior to working at the Open Society Foundation, Feiguinova managed the Community HealthCorps, an AmeriCorps direct service program that addresses public health needs of medically underserved communities in New York City. In this capacity, she trained community health advocates and worked with health centers to expand and enhance their services. Feiguinova holds a bachelor of arts in history and a bachelor of science in anthropology from State University of New York, Purchase College; and a master's degree in international relations from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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