Mark Wood

Research Fellow, Model International Mobility Convention (MIMC)

Mark Wood is a research fellow at the Carnegie Council working on the Model International Mobility Convention.

He is also a Master's degree candidate at Columbia University focusing on international security policy. Wood holds Bachelor's degrees from the University of Pretoria and Seton Hall University. He has done extensive research on peace and security efforts in Africa and the Middle East, focusing on the causes of violence and the role religion plays in peace efforts.

Prior to Columbia, Wood worked at an advocacy assistant for CARITAS Internationalis and served as a United Nations Youth Representative in 2019.

Featured Work

Italian navy rescues asylum seekers in the Mediterranean off the coast of Africa, June 2014. <br>CREDIT: <a href="">Massimo Sestini/Polaris</a> <a href="">(CC)</a>.

JUN 20, 2021 Article

The World's Refugee System Needs to be Made Responsible

Today, we are faced with an unfair and ultimately unsustainable refugee system that simultaneously increases human suffering while placing the burden of hosting refugees on ...