Mark Pedersen

Former Carnegie Council Staff Writer


Mark Pederson was a staff writer at the Carnegie Council, where he worked with program officers and senior staff to generate reports, articles and op-eds about the moral dimensions of American foreign policy.

Featured Work

FEB 20, 2003 Transcript

Turkey: Islamic Secularism or Secular Islam?

Does the election of an Islamist party in Turkey represent a challenge to the secular Turkish system? Council Fellow Ishan Dagi's take on ...

JUN 13, 2002 Transcript

The North Korean Food Crisis

Hazel Smith has been working and visiting North Korea for over a decade, one of the few foreigners to have first-hand knowledge of the ...

APR 15, 2002 Transcript

Behind the Scenes with Al-Jazeera

Journalists el-Nawawy and Farag give the inside story on the Qatar-based satellite TV station Al-Jazeera and the impact it has had on how Arab culture ...

NOV 13, 2001 Article

Feature Articles from Inprint Newsletter (2001–2004): Kosovar Youth Learns to Live with Peace

The documentary "A Normal Life" paints a picture of post-war Kosovo through the eyes of its characters, all of whom speak directly to the camera ...