Manny Senator Villar

Former Senator; Former President of the Nationalista Party in the Philippines

Manny Villar is former senator and president of the Nationalista Party in the Philippines.

He started his professional career as an accountant and financial analyst before launching his own company in 1975. He later established the largest homebuilding company in the country, Camella & Palmera Homes.

In 1992, Villar was elected congressman of Las PiƱas and Muntinlupa for three terms in a row. He has served as speaker of the House of Representatives, senator of the Republic, and in 2006 he assumed the Senate presidency. Previously, Villar held the position of Senate president pro-tempore and chairman of the Committees on Finance, Foreign Relations, Public Order, and Agriculture and Fisheries.

Manny Villar is the first post-war public official who became both speaker of the House of Representatives and Senate president.