Lynn Holland

University of Denver; Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC)


Lynn Holland teaches international political economy and Latin American studies at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies (JKSIS) at the University of Denver. She is a faculty fellow at the Human Trafficking Center at JKSIS and writes on the rise and developmental impacts of illicit market activity in the U.S. and Central America. Holland received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Featured Work

Flag-map of Honduras. CREDIT: Darwinek via <a href="">Wikipedia</a>

JUN 12, 2019 Article

The DEA in Honduras: Targeting Corruption in High Places

In Honduras, activists like Edwin Espinal are among the latest victims of a government whose level of corruption has made it incompatible with democratic development. ...

CREDIT: <a href="">Peg Hunter</a>. Solidarity with Honduras rally, San Francisco, January 27, 2018   (<a href="">CC</a>)

FEB 20, 2018 Article

Honduras: Hearing the Call for Democracy

Less than 800 miles from our shores, Hondurans protesting against a fraudulent presidential election have been clubbed, shot at, terrorized, and arbitrarily arrested by the hundreds. ...

Chinese dam construction on the Lancang (Upper Mekong) River, 2012. CREDIT: <a href="" target="_blank">International Rivers</a>

MAR 14, 2016 Article

The Lonely Resistance: Protesting Chinese Resource Exploitation on the Tibetan Plateau

China has dammed every major river in Tibet with many more dams in the planning stage. This and the pollution of waters through mining have ...

CREDIT: <a href="" target="_blank">Balint Földesi</a>

NOV 10, 2015 Article

The Aging of the Cuban Embargo and the Coming Era in U.S.-Latin American Relations

The decades-long embargo is still in force, yet meanwhile time has not stood still for Cuba. Lynn Holland looks at Cuba's network ...

CREDIT: <a href="">Shutterstock</a>

JAN 9, 2015 Article

Cuba's Pivotal Role on the World Stage

One might not think that a small island like Cuba could play a critical role in world politics. Yet the circumstances of Obama's decision to ...

Lean-to camp where farmers guard the land.  The court ruled in their favor but soon after, the lawyer who had argued the case was murdered. CREDIT: Camila Rich

MAY 6, 2014 Article

The Lower Aguán in Honduras and the Deadly Battle Over Land Rights

The tumult in the Lower Aguán calls for a more thorough examination of the nature of land rights conflict and its role in making ...