Lutiana Valadares Fernandes Barbosa

Federal Public Defender, Brazil

Lutiana Valadares Fernandes Barbosa is a Federal Public Defender in Brazil. She Holds a Ph.D. ininternational law from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, an LL.M from PUC-MG and an LL.M from Columbia University. She is currently the coordinator of the National Working Group on Migration, Refugee, and Statelessness at the Federal Public Defender´s Office.

Featured Work

The border between Brazil and Venezuela in Pacaraima, Brazil. CREDIT: Paolostefano1412.

NOV 8, 2023 Article

Migration from Venezuela to Brazil: Addressing the Regularization of Undocumented Children

Two Brazilian public defenders reflect on the status of undocumented Venezuelan children in Brazil vis-à-vis the Model International Mobility Convention.

JUN 23, 2023 Article

Model International Mobility Convention: An Inter-American System of human rights reflection on the non-criminalization principle

This paper aims to provide an Inter-American reflection on the Model International Mobility Convention (MIMC).

DEC 15, 2022 Article

Family Reunification: Domestic and Human Rights Regional Courts Perspective

Domestic and regional courts have a relevant role not only in applying international law but also in developing it. This paper aims to critically analyze ...

Ukrainian refugee center in Moldova.

JUN 8, 2022 Article

Ethics & Artificial Intelligence: Migration

With Russia's invasion of Ukraine leading to Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War II, this article from researchers Gustavo Macedo and Lutiana Barbosa details ...