Lukas D. Pöhler

AIEI Board of Advisors; ThinkTech; McKinsey & Company

Lukas Pöhler initiated the grassroots initiative ConsciousCoders, now ThinkTech, for students and young professionals to discuss the implications of digitalization on society. Under the slogan "Think before you code," ThinkTech serves as a platform to create practical steps and guidance for the responsible development of technology.

In his work as a data scientist at McKinsey & Company, Pöhler advises clients of various sectors on advanced analytics. His focus lies in the modeling and optimization of complex systems through machine learning approaches and pattern recognition.

Pöhler combines a technical background in engineering, robotics, and machine learning with political science for the governance of autonomous and intelligent systems. He is particularly engaged in the question of how digital technologies can be developed, used, and governed in a responsible manner without hindering innovation.

Featured Work

JUN 24, 2021 Podcast

AI & Equality Initiative: Think Before You Code

ThinkTech is an independent nonprofit association, started by and for students, young technologists, and professionals working to shape the impact of artificial intelligence and other ...