Leonora Visoka

Finnish Human Rights Project in Pristina


Leonora Visoka has worked as Project Assistant for the Finnish Human Rights Project in Pristina. She is a native speaker of Albanian and Serbo-Croatian and fluent in English, Greek, Italian and French. She was recently affiliated with the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo where she had a key role in designing and implementing projects on institutional capacity building, conflict prevention and human rights awareness. She has participated in human rights monitoring and peace building in Croatia, Macedonia, Cyprus, and Kosovo.

Featured Work

JAN 6, 2001 Article

Human Rights Dialogue (1994–2005): Series 2, No. 5 (Winter 2001): Human Rights in Times of Conflict: Humanitarian Intervention: Articles: Was Intervention in Kosovo Just? A Kosovar Perspective

Visoka observes that "despite claims by Serbian politicians and diplomats that this was an internal Yugoslav affair, the international community decided that  the ...