Leon Botstein

Bard College; American Symphony Orchestra


Leon Botstein is president of Bard College, a position he has held since 1975, where he is also Leon Levy Professor in the Arts and Humanities. He is also music director and principal conductor of the American Symphony Orchestra.

Featured Work

Walter Russell Mead and Leon Botstein. CREDIT: Amanda Ghanooni.

MAY 18, 2017 Podcast

Crisis of the Liberal Order

What explains the global resurgence of populism and the rise of political actors on the right? And what are the effects on longstanding alliances, international ...

MAY 4, 2017 Podcast

Shades of Red and Blue: Fake News, Free Speech, and the Media

All democracies have one thing in common: a need for legitimacy, which is ultimately derived from the free and informed consent of the people. This ...

FEB 9, 2015 Podcast

A Conversation with Leon Botstein, President of Bard College and Champion of Liberal Arts Education

In this wide-ranging and entertaining conversation, Leon Botstein discusses Bard's innovative programs to serve the underserved, which include Bard high schools, prison education programs, and ...