Le Thu Ha

Fellow, Asia Dialogues Program

Le Thu Ha is a fellow in the Asia Dialogues Program at Carnegie Council and a research fellow at the Institute for East Sea Studies, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam at Vietnam's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She is conducting research on U.S.-ASEAN cooperation in the South China Sea and East Asian geopolitics as part of a Fulbright scholarship.

Ha also serves as an adjunct professor of international relations history at the Faculty of International Politics and Diplomacy at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. She was previously the research fellow at the Foreign Service Training Center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam.

Ha holds a BA in international relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (2011) and an MA in development policy from the KDI School of Management and Public Policy in South Korea (2015).

Her publications include Crisis Management In Foreign Affairs (co-author, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2015); Textbook On Foreign Policy For The Foreign Service Officers At The Province Level, (co-author, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2015), Foreign Policy and International Integration (co-author, Vietnam's Government Office, 2014), and Foreign Policy Appraisal (co-author, Vietnam's Government Office, 2014).

Ha mainly undertakes research and provides policy recommendations on issues related to the South China Sea dispute related issues. Her other areas of interests include the regional security architecture in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific, ASEAN’s identity, Vietnam’s foreign policy and relations with the United States and ASEAN, and and ""middlepowerism"" in international relations.