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Joshua Kurlantzick is a senior fellow for Southeast Asia at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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China's President Xi Jinping and Taiwan's then-President Ma Ying-jeou in Singapore, 2015. CREDIT: <a href="">Taiwan Presidential Office</a> <a href="">(CC)</a>

APR 4, 2019 Podcast

China's Influence on Democracies in Asia, with Joshua Kurlantzick

As part of Carnegie Council's Information Warfare podcast series, Devin Stewart interviews Joshua Kurlantzick about his recent project on Chinese media and influence campaigns and ...

FEB 10, 2017 Podcast

The Secret War in Laos and the Role of the CIA

Josh Kurlantzick, author of a new book on the U.S. secret war in Laos from 1961-73, notes that the war was responsible for greatly ...

Scene of suicide bomb attack, Jakarta, January 14, 2016. CREDIT: <a href="">Gunawan Kartapranata</a>. (<a href="">CC</a>)

OCT 4, 2016 Article

Southeast Asia—The Islamic State's New Front?

From Bangladesh to the Philippines, the Islamic State's efforts to win over South and Southeast Asians have been substantial and have increased over the past ...

Street corner in Yangon, Myanmar. CREDIT: Devin Stewart

JUL 24, 2013 Article

Burma's Reforms and Regional Cooperation in East Asia

"Though the 2010 elections that brought a civilian government to power were not free and fair, the new president, Thein Sein, has embarked upon a path-breaking ...

CREDIT: <a href="">CIA - The World Factbook</a>

SEP 28, 2012 Article

Indonesia's Lessons for the Middle East and North Africa and other Emerging Democracies

Over the past decade, Indonesia has accomplished one of the most successful processes of democratization among developing countries. What were the critical decisions that made ...

Hu Jintao visits Hanoi, Vietnam

NOV 27, 2007 Article

Hu's on First?

China has greatly stepped up its diplomatic, trade, and aid efforts in Southeast Asia, write Josh Kurlantzick and Devin Stewart. But it still has a ...