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Joshua D. Rothman is archive editor at The New Yorker and a frequent writer for

Rothman was perviously an instructor in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and a columnist for the Ideas section of ""The Boston Globe.""

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2013 Sayada Community Network Building. CREDIT: <a href="">Ryan Gerety</a>

OCT 31, 2014 Podcast

The Bright Side to Big Data: Good Intentions and Ethical Questions

We wrap up our three-part series on data and privacy with a look at some ways big data can improve our communities. Technology and big ...

CREDIT: <a href="">infocux Technologies</a> <a href="">(CC)</a>

SEP 5, 2014 Podcast

Big Data, Virginia Woolf, and the Right to be Forgotten

As a society, we're still developing vocabulary to talk about data technology and the moral questions it raises. In this first of a series of ...