Joseph Amann

Marlin Equity Partners; CNL Advisory Council and Former New Leader Representative, Carnegie Council Board; Pacific Delegate, 2016


Joseph Amann is a director of portfolio analysis at Marlin Equity Partners, a technology-focused private equity firm in Los Angeles, where he focuses on portfolio company performance and valuations.

Prior to Marlin, he lead a similar function at The Carlyle Group in Washington, DC, after joining as an investment analytics and valuations manager. Before Carlyle, he worked at Morgan Stanley in New York, most recently in market risk management for global credit products.

Amann is the founder of the CNL DC program and a former Carnegie Council Trustee, Investment Committee member, and Pacific Delegate to Japan. He is a chartered alternative investment analyst and graduate of the University of Delaware with a major in finance and minor in political science, where he is an alumni trustee of the Business School.

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