John W. Hannigan



John Hannigan is a therapist who provides individual, family, couples/marital and group therapy. He received his LSW from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. Hannigan has expertise in treating the full range of emotional difficulties in all ages of clients. He is certified in the area of special education in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and has worked with children dealing with academic, social, emotional and behavioral challenges. Hannigan served in the capacity of staff therapist in the Geriatric Unit at Friends Hospital and provided crisis intervention and brief treatment counseling at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and at St. Francis Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. His philosophy within the therapeutic process encompasses a person-centered approach, focusing on the individual within the context of his or her environment. He utilizes an eclectic resource of therapeutic models and perspectives encompassing cognitive/behavioral, psychoanalytic, social learning and humanistic models with an emphasis on the belief that the individual can be his or own healer, while the role of the therapist centers on guiding the process.

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Wittenberg [Ohio] International Student Party. Photo by <a href="" target=_blank">Matt Cline</a>, <a href="" target=_blank">(CC)</a>

DEC 10, 2008 Article

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